Problem with my monitor or graphics card?

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Last night after I used my computer I shut It down, mostly I always left it open over night because I’m always downloading some stuff. I do not worry for overheating because my room is air conditioned.

When I opened it this morning my monitor was very dark I couldn’t almost see my desktop. I shut down my computer and re-inserted my graphics card and re-plugged the monitor cable.

When I open again my computer the problem was still there.

I even set the monitor’s brightness but it won’t help me to solve the issue. Is my video card failing or the monitor itself?

One thing I observed is that I hear annoying sound from my computer.

Kindly help me to solve this problem anyone?

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Problem with my monitor or graphics card?



  • This problem occurs when frequent voltage up and down happen. 
  • May be your monitor get damaged form electric failure or if the monitor running for long time non-stop. 
  • You can try to resolve the problem by unplug your monitor power and also disconnect it form CPU. 
  • Then re-connect the monitor again see it if it works you are lucky. 
  • After all the thinks, if you still get problem with your monitor.
  • Please contact your supplier to solve the problem 
  • If you have warranty left for your monitor ask the provider to give warranty. 




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Problem with my monitor or graphics card?


Hi good day this issue due to the high and low voltage happen.  Something computer hardware problem, likes Video card, memory card, power supply defect, Dirt in the Processor  motherboard deffect and monitor deffect.

This causes your monitor will never been display,

There is a following steps To resolve this kind of issue.

  1. Check the wire connector at the back of monitor.
  2. Check the proper installation of video card.
  3. Check the video card Fan if it is working.
  4. Then check the memory card of the computer, if it is dirt clean it by using pencil eraser or any kind of erase that you have. And scrath the Pin of the memory card by using eraser.
  5. If the issue will not solve, replace your memory card and change it a new memory card.
  • Why we need to clean or change the memory card?
  • Simple we need to do this steps because this is the cause of the annoying sound from your computer.
  • If the memory card is damage your monitor will never display.
  • If this issue will not work your monitor is totally damage, please consult that into Computer Technician in you place to fix the issue.

Thank you, hope its help.



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Problem with my monitor or graphics card?


If you are using a dedicated video card and you already tried to remove and re-insert it in the slot, try connecting the monitor to the built-in video card of your motherboard. If the same problem appears and the display is dark, try adjusting the brightness and contrast of the monitor. If this doesn’t work, try connecting the monitor to another working computer.

If the monitor also appears dark on the other computer, it means the problem is with the display and not with the video card. In this case, you need to buy a new monitor. Try an LED monitor if your current display is analog. But if the monitor works fine on the other computer, it means the problem is with your video card.

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