Problem with my Lenovo Ideapad laptop

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I am having issues with my Lenovo Ideapad, which makes me suspect it might be at the end of its run. When I try to start it, all I can hear is some normal fan work for roughly 10-15 seconds. Then the fan stops, the screen remains black, and everything seems to be dead. I would like to try and salvage it, but I don’t even know what the problem could be. I am suspecting the motherboard or, ideally, one of the RAM modules. Is there any way to know for sure? Are there any other possible causes?

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Problem with my Lenovo Ideapad laptop


I suggest you try the hard boot process:

1. remove the battery and disconnect the charger

2. push and hold down the power button for 30 seconds

3. replace the battery and power cord

4. start the laptop normally

This sometimes starts laptops that are stuck in limbo.

Good Luck

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