The problem is with my HTTP local host server

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Hello Guys,

The problem is with my HTTP local host server. Have a look at the error message below. What does it mean? I tried several ways to solve the problem but no result. If you have any idea for this error message, please help me to solve this problem.



The page at http://localhost says:

Please enter the minutes.

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The problem is with my HTTP local host server


This error is common when you press go without fiiling up the fields. It doesn't need a specific time. It's just a protocol of theirs before the program proceeds. What you need to do is fill up the fields (any number will do) then press go. Don't push the go button until you fill up the required fields. Now, there are instances that this doesn't work because it saves its previous setting (blank fields). If that happens, restart your computer then fill up the fields before pressing go. Pressing the go button before filling up the fields makes it its default settings in which case you have to restart your computer again to change it.

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