Problem with my F-Secure Internet Security 2012

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Hi Experts,

The problem is with my F-Secure Internet Security 2012. It has blocked some of my useful website throwing the message given below.

Harmful web site blocked:

This web site has been reported as harmful.

We recommend that you do not visit this web site.

Home page                   Enter web site

I do not know how to unblock the website. I need it.

Please help.

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Problem with my F-Secure Internet Security 2012



F-Secure Internet Security 2012 blocked the website because the website might have failed in the certificate verification process.

To unblock the website try the following steps:

  • Open your F-Secure Internet Security 2012 and check for options menu.
  • In the options menu search for allow programs.
  • In the allow programs list the url of your website and click ok.

Thank you.


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Problem with my F-Secure Internet Security 2012


You could just click the „Enter web site“ button in this situation, to enter that web-site.

If this kind of messages annoy you, you can disable browsing protection in F-Secure Internet Security 2012 (although this is not recommended). On main page, click Users. Select Windows user account that you wish to edit, now click the switch button next to „Browsing protection“. From that point, browsing protection will be switched off for that user. Restart your browsers if they were opened.

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Problem with my F-Secure Internet Security 2012


Unfortunately, there is no way you can unblock a website from F-Secure Internet Security unless you are the owner of the website and it hurts you to see that your website is being blocked. This feature or protection is integrated into its system and the manner of detection is not done by the internet security itself.

It doesn’t have the capacity to do a scan on a website to detect or identify if it is malicious or not. The identification of malicious websites is done by users like you. When a user enters a website and experienced something different or maybe encountered an issue like his computer got infected, the user can report it by going to the F-Secure website.

They will have it checked and if found to be hosting badware or cause harm to the user, F-Secure will have it blocked in their software. The identification and blocking of harmful websites are not done automatically by the program. The reported harmful website is checked and verified by humans not by software.

On the other hand, though you see this from time to time when visiting a website, the site is not entirely blocked. You are given with two options: first, is the button to go to the home page and leaving the website, and second, the button to enter the website which, in this case, is at your own risk.

My ESET Smart Security 8 also does this to me once in a while when I’m surfing different websites. You can still proceed to enter the website by clicking on the “Enter web site” button.

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