Problem with Media Player Amarok

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Hello everybody,

I am using the last version of Ubuntu Amarok as a media player especially ,basically for MP3 audio files, well I’ve been trying to get the missing information for some MP3 files (Singer,tiltle, Album….) and have decided to use Musicbrainz for that but instead of having the information I get this error message

Tunepimp ( musicBrainz tagging library) returned the following  error: “fingerprinting of .mp3 files is not supported.”.

I’ve tried everything and couldn’t fix it so I hope I will find an answer here.

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Problem with Media Player Amarok


I think following message will be the error message. If it is, you can fix it easily. This is a new bug and still causing problems with Amarok as of today's updates. When libtunepimp5-mp3 is not installed automatically as mp3 support this problem will occur.

First of all you have to completely shut down the Amarok .  It must not in the either the tray. After closing it open a terminal and run this command "sudo apt-get install libtunepimp5-mp3" and install it.

Then restart Amarok you will be able to work with it properly.


 It can be reproduce this with a clean install of Amarok and the default dependencies.

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