Problem with linux programmation system

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i am a beginner in programming Linux system (Ubuntu 11.04) ,  i was stuck on the command "mkdir"  in wanting to create a directory in the terminal my order is the following : "mkdir test01" (test01 is the name of directory"

the message i get is: mkdir can not create directory test01 permission denied

I'd like to know what is wrong please

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Problem with linux programmation system


mkdir command in Linux is the same as the mkdir command in Windows or in DOS. It instructs the computer to create a new folder or directory on the current path. In DOS or Windows command prompt, this command is also the same as the md command which also creates a directory.

If you are receiving a “permission denied error” when using this command to create a new folder, check the current path where you are working.

If you are working on a location that Linux is using for its system files, then you really need to transfer to another location or path because the path you are using is protected.

Try using this command on a location or path that is occupied by data files. For more visit Linux commands.

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