Problem With Linksys Error Installation

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I seem to be having some problems with my Linksys, can someone help me out?

My computer sometimes freezes, and I'm forced to manually restart it.

After Start up I see an error message which I attached below;

Device driver software was not successfully installed.
Device driver software was not successfully installed.
Please consult with your device manufacturer for assistance getting this device installed.
Linksys AE2500 #2.
I can’t detect my wireless adapter and I can’t connect to the internet, so I have to replug the cable. So far that’s my only solution to this problem, but I prefer not to be replugging my cable every so often. Is there an alternative answer to this issue?
I hope someone can help me out.
Thank You.
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Problem With Linksys Error Installation


Hi Chad,

Looking up well your problem I can see that happen with your Wireless Modem.

The first reason could be a problem with your dataplug cable or USB port, I would replace the cables if you are using a USB extended plug, or I would connect the linksys modem into a different USB port if you connect it directly, if the communication between the PC or Laptop with the USB modem fail you couldn´t get access to it and you will never connect to Internet!

Other reason could be the driver that you are trying to install (if you have been using it with no problems before this error I would review again the above text).

If you replaced it all the plug cables and not success so,

Let’s see how can I help you make your way to a solution, just follow these steps:

Go to

We start by clicking on the Download tab:


In Select hardware version please select Version 1.0 (only option available), then choose your operating system version:


My Laptop has Windows 7 and I got these file:

Now, what can I do with these files?

Don´t worry I think you can do the correct with its.

Please Install the cisco connect setup software for PC before to do anything.

After get connect your device into a USB port and wait for the install process (surely you get error again don´t scare, I will try to resolve that), extract all files of the zip file into a folder on your desktop and follow the next steps:

We start by clicking Start menu and rigth-click in My PC icon to select properties.

Now click on Devices manager option and find out your Linksys device which must be appear as an unknown device in the list.

Well, rigth-click over your device and select properties.

Common we are near to get success, please select de Driver tab on the popup windows:

Let´s browse the drivers folder on your computer:


If you don´t get this screen please select kind of device could be "Netword Adapters" or "USB Modem Adapter" or look very well the class of device you got.

Click the Have Disk Button.

Click browse option:

Find and choose the folder when your extracted the driver files:

Please choose Any INF File in the Folder for the driver installation:

Note: It isn´t the same files of the picture you must select any of you have on your folder.

Well, click to OK button and start the process.

Wait While Windows 7 Installs the Updated Driver:

You must to get this screen:

I don´t have the same device than you for that reason it says Intel Pro 1000 MT Network connection but you will get the name of your devices installed.

Well that´s all my folk now restart your PC.

If you don´t get success please send me a Screenshot of your new error to try to give you a new solution.


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Problem With Linksys Error Installation


Hi  Chad Reilly

As well this solution also pay a visit this Techyv page " Device installation error – installation was not successful".  This post is well described about your problem too. From here you will get more techniques to fix this issue.

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