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I was working on my laptop, as usual, a few days back when I noticed that my laptop is making a weird noise. Maybe it was because of the fan, I am not sure why. I tried to fix it by rebooting the system. However, it was still making a strange noise. What should I do to solve this issue?

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Problem Level – PC Level


Below are some strategies I followed to solve this noisy computer problem.

1) Cleaned processes:

If you are working on your laptop for a very long period of time, the cooling fan is also working for a long duration, spinning faster and dissipating more heat. This also causes noise.

To fix this, I went to the task manager and closed all the processes I was not working on.

However, it was still making noise, so I jumped to an alternative solution.

2) Checked the fan:

The loud noise that my PC was making was probably because of the fan. If you haven’t been cleaning your laptop, it is possible that dust has been accumulated on your fan or have blocked the air-vents.

To fix this, I shut down my laptop and began the process of cleaning my fan by opening the laptop body.

After this, my laptop stopped making noise and I continued doing my work on my laptop peacefully.

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