Problem with the KM Player

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I am not able to play all video and audio files in the KM player. I have chosen ‘XINE’ engine for KM player. When I am trying to play new file, there is a message showing in the bottom of KM Player which says ‘Ready’, but nothing is happening in the window.

I have changed the engine for KM player to ‘Media Player’. After this I am getting the message that ‘media player is buffering’ in the main window when I am playing a new file. The same is happening with KAFFEINE when selecting the XINE engine and playing new file I am getting the message that ‘XINE INITD’ and it got hanged.

What is the common issue here ?  Can you help me fix it ?


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Problem with the KM Player


The problem here could be because of two things:

  • The KMPlayer is having problems, either it is corrupt or some of its important components like the codecs required to play those files are missing, and therefore you will need to install those codecs. You can just get the latest version of KMPlayer that has all media codecs and install it instead of installing one single codec at a time.
  • The video files that you are trying to play may be having problems. They may be corrupt or are not supported with the KMPlayer.

I will suggest that you install alternative video players like the vlc player, GOM and try using them and see if they will successfully execute the files.

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