Problem with iPhones application {path} security

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I have this Problem with iphones application {path} security My Samsung epic 4g have memory problem and its slow too I flashed it to cricked it worked fine but then started shutting on and off, hanging,dropping calls and other issues.

I cant access internet and so how can these be sorted out?

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Problem with iPhones application {path} security


If you are noticing that your mobile phone is becoming slow then maybe its physical memory is almost full because maybe of too much installed applications. If you are not sure about this, try going to your phone’s settings and then check its available physical memory.

Installing too many applications on the phone’s physical memory and leaving very little space or amount might result on having an unstable system where the phone may exhibit extreme slowness or sometimes just automatically turns off.

This is somewhat like overloading its memory which is like opening too many applications that is beyond the capacity of the device’s memory.

To fix this, just add an extra memory on your phone like for example a micro SD card. After installing an SD card, move all of the applications presently installed on the physical memory to the SD card to free up the memory’s space.

The phone uses its physical memory to boot and start the system that’s why it is very important to keep it plenty of space for the phone’s system to use.

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