Problem with my browser or the website itself?

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When I browse the text shows in Bangla using internet explorer. But when I use Mozilla, it shows garbage. I can't understand about that because, this type of problem is new to me. So now what can I do. What is my solution? Is it browser problem or website problem?

If you know the answer, then help me friends.


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Problem with my browser or the website itself?


Hi there,

Some time it happens. You may need to download Bangla Unicode font and you can find this in this site.

Here is a link []. Form here you can download several Unicode bangle font. You can download Nikosh, SolaimanLipi, AdorshoLipi etc.

But you may still face some problems. Because, some web sites are designed with Microsoft typography. You can download typography software form Microsoft’s website or you can search it in Google. com using the key word “Microsoft Typography”. I think you will not face any problem with bangle any more.

Hope It works for you.


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Problem with my browser or the website itself?



Dear Miss08,
After reading your issue and checking the web site, i found that your browser are working properly and there is an error in website I also check the source code of that web site and found that administrator change to font style of said site and we don't have this font style. In this way site contents display as garbage. Other side may be intruders, broke this site and destroy / change web site contents, so no one can see that site.
If you want to open the site then you should contact with administrator of that site. I found his email address in source code (shohelic at Gmail dot com).
Its a site problem. After showing the source code i found that this site is used Darpan (Bengali) Font and our system did not have said font style. Your browser are functioning properly.
To watch this site normally, you can download darpan font from any web site and install it. After that you will able to see site in Bengali font. This is basically Bengali site.
Take care.
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Problem with my browser or the website itself?



Hello Miss08,

Sometimes such kind of problems occurred especially when you install fresh operating system. This problem is caused for font problem. To avoid this problem you need to install Bangla font to read for Bangla. Actually it is not problem on your browser just download and install Bangla font software I think you will get better results


Thanks and Regards



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