Problem installing Trueview 2011 x64

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Hi everyone!

I tried installing Trueview 2011 x64 and got stuck at the registration part. I have no idea what seems to be causing the problem, the only thing I get is this error message:

  Installer Information

Erreur 1904. Le module C:Prpgram Files(x86)DWG TrueView2011acctrl.dll n’a pu enregister. HRESULT -2147010895 contactez votre support.

Abort                        Retry                           Ignore

I’m using Windows 7, so if anyone had a similar problem in the past please let me know so I can try and fix this.

Thank you very much.

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Problem installing Trueview 2011 x64


You have to check your computer requirements and the requirements of the software that you are trying to install.

Solution 1: It says that you are using a 64 bit install and your are using 32 bit installer so start searching the internet and browse for the said installer. Example is "Trueview 2011 x86". x86 is for 32 bit operating system.

Solution 2: You can also try converting your operating system to 64 bit processing but it is only possible if your CPU is supporting 64 bit processing. Not all processor have this but it will certainly boost the performance of your computer by providing you with more speed.

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Problem installing Trueview 2011 x64



Hi, Oliver S.

You are trying to install 64x application make sure that your system and your processer is supported and running in 64x. I had mean OS by “system”. If you do not have OS that is 64x or you do not have 64x processor you can’t run this application you need 32bit or 86x version of this application. But if your system is 64x then another thing is that you have to install it in only ”program file” don’t try to install in “program file(86x)” change the path during the installing process. because of only the 32bit program are always installed in the folder "program file (86x)" 64x program will not work from there.   

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