Problem Installing Software on my Windows Vista

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I am getting this error while trying to install any software on my system running on windows vista I get this error every time.

I have administrative privileges but still it is of no use.

Can anyone tell any solution for this problem?

Software center Insufficient permissions for software installation Your IT department has set restrictions for this software that prevent it from installing on your computer.

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Problem Installing Software on my Windows Vista


Hello Thomas,

I am helping you to solve your problem. Your antivirus are blocking the application you are installing or sometimes your windows permission are set to restrict in any installation.

Remove Restriction in admin.

1. Click Start button > control panel > user accounts

2. At the top in the search bar type UAC (which means the user account) after clicking, Action center appears in  

         Your screen and click on it > there is a check box which says turn it on and you need to uncheck it.

3. Restart your computer. And turn it on again.

4. Try to install it again if it's going to work now.

   Disable the Anti Virus

1. You see an icon of your anti virus at the right bottom part of your screen.

2. Right click on it and click disable.

3. Try to reinstall your software.

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Problem Installing Software on my Windows Vista


Hello Thomas

I think you are using a company owned PC.

In company  PC, you will be not able to install any PC because of firewall.

If you are facing this problem in your own PC, then definitely your windows are out of date.

Update the operating system and try to install again.

You can use genuine remover software but that will work only for 30 days.



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Problem Installing Software on my Windows Vista


The only reason why you get that message when installing programs is when you are not using an administrator account. Standard accounts in Microsoft Windows can still install applications but selected ones and it normally depends on the program being installed.

If you are the administrator or you are using an administrator account but you are receiving this message when installing a program, try starting the installer using the “Run as” option. Using Windows Explorer, right-click the installer or the setup file of the program you want to install then select “Run as administrator.” This will give setup full administrative privileges if it can’t recognize your account’s permissions.

If this doesn’t work, try to disable UAC or User Account Control on your computer. Click “Start” then in the search box type without quotes “uac” then click “Change User Account Control settings” from the result. In the User Account Control Settings window, drag the slider all the way down to the “Never notify” setting then click “OK.” And that’s it. UAC is now disabled.

Try installing the program again then see if it works.

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