Problem installing SATA hard drive

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I wanted to install an external hard drive to retrieve data from another computer.

So i plugged the second drive and started my computer and then we see the windows logo it stops responding and nothing happens.

So i tried unplugging and it's working again. so i wonder if it's because on the two hard drive there is an operating system that is installed or if the hard drive that make this problem.

I am on windows 7.

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Problem installing SATA hard drive


Looks like that what you are trying to do is use your external hard drive as a secondary storage device where you can save and back up your files. Now, in starting up your computer your primary hard drive which is the one originally plugged in to your computer have a boot device to help you start your computer successfully.

If you are going to plug in your external hard drive while your computer is off and you turn your system on, it’ll create a conflict sending messages to your computer stating that the boot device is available to any of these two hard drives.

Your computer will then look for the boot device to start the system but it will first look into your external hard drive which does not have the requirement to boot up your computer thus it will not start. So every time you would like to use your external hard drive, you must first turn your computer on and wait for it to boot up successfully before plugging in your external hard drive.

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