Problem here while activating the terminal bundle from Intel

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I have a problem here while activating the terminal bundle from Intel. I get an error message like this –

Key sequence C-p t starts with non-prefix key C-p Is that looking for C-P to turn into a prefix command ?

I am confused. Though C-p is bound to previous-line by automatic in emacs and unix shell environment, so is there any other prefix which can work better ? I am using ubuntu operating system and my emacs version is 23.3.1.

The following bundle is activated – (Accessibility completion css cucumber diff erlang git html java javascript lisp markdown power-edit python ruby haml-and-sass yaml snippets xml terminal)

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Problem here while activating the terminal bundle from Intel


Are you sure that you are using the right sequence to key maps? There is a specific procedure to enter keys in a sequential order that you have to follow in order to get the desired output.

Also see if you are missing any kind of instance of the program that is causing this issue. There might be an object missing there that is causing all this fuss.

Also go to this link and see what you can do from the guide written there.

It has all the basic steps on how to do things right. Maybe the way you are doing it is wrong and you need to follow an official guide line.

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