Problem with hdd temperature kde using

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I would like to try the hdd temperature kde powered to get the measurement of my hard drive’s temperature. I have got the problem using plasma widget. Will this widget of plasma be supported by hdd temperature? Please advise me what to do, I can’t find the solution of this problem in other websites.

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Problem with hdd temperature kde using


Hello Armstrong,

The temperature widget should show it, assuming it detects the temperature sensors built into your hard disks. It accesses it's data via KSysguard. 

You can view the temperature running "hddtemp /dev/sda" in console. Check whether you can get temperature by running "hddtemp"

Also you can use gkrellm or conky, those are more configurable and detailed than the plasma widget.

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Problem with hdd temperature kde using

Hi Armstrong,
There's an widget that comes as default in every Distro.
 To find out : Click 'Cashew'  ->  'Add Widgets'  ->  'System Monitor'.
Here you will find other hardware monitor tools as well but 'System Monitor' has most customized features involved in it.
There is always 'Conky', which I prefer using beside 'KDE'.
Hope it helped.
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Problem with hdd temperature kde using


If you need to track the status of your processor like the temperature, for example, you can install a gadget called “All CPU Meter.” It installs perfectly on 64-bit Windows 7. To try it, go to All CPU Meter and download it or click All CPU Meter ZIP to download the ZIP file directly.

Once downloaded, unpack the ZIP file then double-click “All_CPU_Meter_V4.7.3.gadget” to install. At first, you will not have temperature readings from your processor. To display the temperature, you need to download PC Meter 0.4 Beta. Unpack the ZIP file on a new folder on your system drive then right-click “PCMeterV0.4.exe” and select “Run as administrator.”

In PC Meter window, go to “Options” and check “Run On Windows Startup” or check everything. After this, go back to the All CPU Meter gadget, right-click it, and select “Options.” Next, go to “Options” tab then in “Show CPU temperatures,” select “ON (PC Meter).” Set the other options if you like then click “OK” when you are finished.

Another option is CPUID HWMonitor. It is a hardware tracking application that reads the following PC main health sensors:

  • Voltages
  • Temperatures
  • Fans speed

It can read the hard drive temperature via S.M.A.R.T. You can also get your hard drive’s temperature with PC Tools Performance Toolkit. To get the temperature, in PC Tools, go to “Recovery” tab and click “Repair Drives.” On the next screen, click “Show Disk Info.”

Click "Show Disk Info"
Click “Show Disk Info”

In “Drive Information,” go to “Health” tab then scroll down and select “Temperature.”

Select "Temperature" in "Health" tab
Select “Temperature” in “Health” tab

This will give you the current temperature reading of your hard drive.

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