Problem in execution of local script in remote server

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I have created shell script for checking different security settings in the RHEL5.6 servers. I am not an expert on this; so, how can I run it on a remote, to avoid the installation? Also, I want to do it on a lot of servers.

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Problem in execution of local script in remote server




I think the best way for you to accomplish this is to do the following steps and/or procedures. First, I would create a user account that you would like the script to be run with. Second, I would configured the userid I have created to connect to my other servers within the network without having to use a password.

So basically you will need to establish public and private keys with this userid on other servers within your network. Once you have these things done you can have your script read from a text file and report back to you the servers it was able to successfully run the script on.

This is possibly the most simplest way I can think of at the moment. There are a few other options but without what your script is doing and how it is written, they might not be viable solutions. Give this a try and hope it helps. If not drop a line back to me and I can provide some more information on what you can do.


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