Problem with Excel’s Circular Reference Warning

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I was doing some computation with Microsoft excel 2007 and I am having problems with working on formulas. It shows a circular reference warning. What does it mean in layman's term and how do I correct a circular reference warning? Here is a screenshot of my problem. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you very much.


Microsoft Office Excel

Circular Reference Warning

One or more formulas contain a circular reference and and may not calculate correctly. Circular references are any references within a formula that depends upon the results of that same formula. For example, a cell that refers to its own value or a cell thatrefers to another cell which depends on the original cells value both contains circular references.

For more information about understanding, finding and removing circular references, click OK. If you want to create a circular reference, click Cancel to continue.

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Problem with Excel’s Circular Reference Warning



Hi Carlogmolina,
Circular reference occurs when you are trying to write a formula in excel which depends on the outcome of it’ own. i.e. the output of that formula is taken as input to produce output.
The easiest example of Circular Reference:  “=A1*1”
When you put this formula in cell A1, then formula will try to get value for “A1” first, but the value of A1 will get calculated only after completion of this formula itself.
Steps to remove or locate Circular Reference:
1) In Formula Auditing group on Formulas tab in Excel click the Error checking option in group button.
2) Point to Circular References, and then click the first cell listed in the submenu.
3) If you cannot find out whether the cell is the cause of the circular reference, click the next cell in the Circular References submenu.
4) Keep reviewing and correct the circular reference until the status bar no longer show the word "Circular." 
In this way you can remove Circular Reference warning.

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