Problem encountered when playing a slideshow

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I have a lot of pictures and I’ve set them for a slide show with each picture moving and zooming slightly. But then, the slide show would only last 20-30 seconds and it would give the following error message: “Insufficient memory.” After I paused it and defragged the RAM, there was a little bit of improvement. I wonder why this thing happens because I have a 512 MB Ram that could render up to more than 20 seconds.  I am really troubled. What will I do? Please help me. Thank you.

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Problem encountered when playing a slideshow


Hi Alexie,

Please make sure that you do not have a lot of  temporary files scatted on your computer because this could be one of the reason why you're experiencing that kind of error on your computer. All the scatted temporary files should not be seen or stored in windows temporary folder.

You can search all the  .tmp .temp and .dot filesand delete them to completely remove the scattered files because they are junks that will really occupy your computer's hard disc which causes you an error.

You can also clean up your disk drive by doing the following:
By clicking the insuffient memory pop up, Run the clean up disk function. This tool will help you scan your hard drive and search for the files that you can delete safely.
Remove the programs that you don't usually use.
Next is extend your partition. Use your free partition manager to resize partitions.

I hope it hellps.


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