Problem during saving files during web designing

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My name is robins, i like web designing but i am new in this field. Recently ,i am facing some problems in it.

Such that whenever i design my page and save it, the background attachments become unattached.

But when i preview it in the software(i use Dreamweaver for designing),it works.

But after saving the files, it does not work.

How can i get over it?



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Problem during saving files during web designing


Hi Robin,

Start designing your file with a blank File. Then you have to launch TextEdit or notepad or any other text editor.
Opening a blank file>select FILE and go to new to make a new file.
You can work to many web pages as you like because notepad can be launch in different windows. Now, after editing your web design it is now turn to save your file. How?
  • Choose FILE and select SAVE . Select any drive or folder you want to save the file you edit in your web page.
  • You can also make or create a sub folder to any of your files.
  • Just remember to put " template.html or type your name in all capital letters when saving.


Do not save your file by typing template.txt

  • Save the file by choosing Text Document.
  • If your OS is Windows XP look for the Option ENCODING and select ANSI and hit the button save. Now you have your template already save.

Below is the illustration n saving your template.


Hope this might help you.





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