Problem in deleting extra folders in a Toshiba computer on Vista

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Our Toshiba has an OS Vista. It has document files and all files have green folders in the Library. Under the documents, there is another Manila folder named Documents. Under the green folder named Documents, if we try to delete the extra folders, all the other folders would be deleted too. Why does this thing happen? We have also a Sony and a Dell that has OS Windows 7. We do not experience the same problem with these computers. Why is it that the Toshiba unit is different, that when you delete the extra folder that has the same files, nothing would be retained and instead, everything would be deleted? Please give me some explanation and solution to this problem. Thank you.

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Problem in deleting extra folders in a Toshiba computer on Vista


Hallo Alstor,

That is a bit strange, and your computer may be facing serious problems. It seems like your computer is infected by a virus that is replicating itself in every folder and this might lead to you loosing your data if you do not act  on the problem immediately. Scan your system using a strong and updated antivirus so that it will remove any virus that may be affecting the files on your system.

Also back up the files because if the files has affected the operating system then you may be forced to format the computer so as to remove it. Make it a habit to scan your computer regularly. If you do not have an antivirus on your computer it is time you found one and installed it.


Mahesh Babu

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