A problem caused the program to stop working correctly

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I have tried to read a video avi with Windows Average Player, but on having opened the program, an error message appears and says:

A problem the program stops working correctly. Windows will close the program and will notify him if a solution exists.

And there is only one button that proposes to close the program, but later nothing happens(passes).
VLC Average Player, Real(Royal) Player and QuickTime, it does not work well, executing in a video MP4 in Windows Player Comes up, so it is not a problem of the proper player.
What to do?

Thanks to friends.

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A problem caused the program to stop working correctly


Hey Christian,

  • The problem is in the codec you don’t have the right codec installed in your system Go to this site and download the appropriate codec for your OS and installed first the codec and restart the computer before you run any videos.
  • Codec is short for compressor/decompressor, it's a technology for compressing and decompressing data. Codecs are used to make large video files much smaller making them proper for distribution on the internet,
  • when you are trying to play an .avi file the "Unexpected File Format"..This happen if you are attempting to play a file for which the suitable codec is not on your system. To correct the problem obtain the correct codec.
  • Here is the link http://www.free-codecs.com//www.free-codecs.com/download/vista_codec_package.htm


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A problem caused the program to stop working correctly


Check your VGA drivers under the device manager and i am sure that they are not working properly or either they are not up to data do you. Also check that the file you want to play is of the format that your VLC media player supports or not if it support the file you are trying to play then there is a problem in your VGA card or VGA drivers in this case you can update them or can install them if they are not installed also if all other files are working and only one file is not working then this file is may be virus infected and may be of no use.

But in case of VGA drivers you can check then by going to my computer then right click there and choose PROPERTIES now go to hardware and click on DEVICE MANAGER a new window will open here under display adapter check your VGA card settings and make sure they are working properly you have to get the message " This device is working properly " to make sure that your VGA card is working properly as i have shown here:

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