Problem in C Cleaner when updated.

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Hello everyone,

I've been running C Cleaner for almost one year now because it was recommended on this site. Also it's one of my preferred applications.

I've found a simple problem which appears on all of my computers (running XP Service Pack3). However I find the message about to update to a latest version.

Then I have to go the Update procedure, and I find the "Install" stage,  all time on every PC, when I press "Next" to start Install, the install runs about 10% of the update (takes just 1 second), suddenly, I received an error and all the install goes to freeze.

The error says that (with 3 buttons at bottom):

Error opening file for writing: C:Program FilesCCleanerCCleaner.exe Click ABORT to stop installation RETRY to try again, or IGNORE to skip this file.

After press the RETRY, the installing continues successfully, without problems. This appears every time, without any excuse.

It is happening for the last few months, but even I’m always able to finish the install after pressing RETRY.

Is there anyone who had faced with this kind of problem?

Can anyone tell me what the problem is and ways of how to correct it?

Hopefully I don't have to make uninstall and reinstall, and all these cookies I have saved, and configuration is just ok.

Thanks for reply.

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Problem in C Cleaner when updated.



Dear Cynthhia Brown this is an issue pertaining to old versions of CCleaner due to compatibility issues within the application.. Just uninstall the current version completely. If the application refrains from uninstalling use the cltr+alt+del function to start task manager. Locate the ccleaner.exe under Processes and manually kill the app from right click of mouse and selecting kill process. Then continue with you uninstallation process and restart the pc. Then download the latest version of CCleaner form the official site Install It normally and then run the update. Hope your issue will be resolved after following these easy steps.


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