Problem in BS Player running in Windows Vista.

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Hello guys,

I have installed BS Player in my Windows Vista operating system and the whole thing goes well till 2 days ago. Now when I am trying to open a movie this error message appears, that says:

""Enhanced Video Renderer (EVR) is not available on this system, make sure you have Directx 9+ installed and latest video drivers"

Then I don’t found any AVI files.I have used the latest Direct X. I attempt to utilize render methods for every video on the BS Player menu and install the latest edition of BS Player but still found the same error and unable to watch AVI files. Now please help me for this issue. I’m out of clues on how to resolve this error.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

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Problem in BS Player running in Windows Vista.



Dear Everthoon Reis the failure of BS Player not running your video files might be due to the conflict of render being used along with the DirectX being applied. You can try the one of the following options but it is more of chances that second solution will clear your problem.

1. Try to install old direct x i.e. 9

2. In you BS Player click on options and preferences then go to video settings. There under the Video Render Tab you will find options to select mode of rendering. Select your rendering mode to VMR or overlay mixer. 


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