Problem with backing up 400GB of datas using MS 2003

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Hello There,
I am much in love using the MS 2003 than the MS 2007 maybe just because I am more well verse to it.
For that, I was going to install something on MS 2003, I was going to install this on a MS 2003 in the server which has 400GB worth of data, and I would want or like previous version etc. as well and will allocate a 2TB drive for this.
So the question would be like this…. Has anyone here used the product before, or used the product to backup that much data?
And my real concerned and I want to know is all about stability etc. so any feedback from you guys would be great and helpful for me.
thanks in advance.

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Problem with backing up 400GB of datas using MS 2003


Hi Lisa,

Just to give you a quick overview of how external hard drives work, so it would somehow calm your fears, here is how it works or how it is used:

  • When you connect your external hard disk, it doesn't need a software. The computer automatically detects it.
  • There are also two types of external hard drives: the 3.5-inch where you can connect it via USB, Firewire or SATA but needs to be plugged in to a power outlet because it does not use your computer's power; the 2.5-inch where you connect it using one or two USB cords and uses the power of your computer.
  • You can access it by clicking on My Computer, and it will appear as another drive, e.g. D: or E: or F. Sometimes the Autoplay option will open and you can just choose "Open Folder to view Files."
  • It functions the same as your ordinary internal hard drive where you can segregate folders to organize your files.
  • Also, if you need to transfer some Programs or software into the external hard drive, make sure you transfer all the folder contents and not just the application or the file ending in .exe. The .exe file is like the "shortcut" to make the program run, so if the other files needed to run the program.

Caring for your external hard drive:

Of course you also need to take extra precaution when using your external hard drive. This is also like your computer which should be handled with care. Here are some things you need to remember:

  • Keep it in a cool, dry place where it will not be subjected to extreme and abrupt changes in temperature. Usually it comes with it's own case or bag. After using it, let it cool for a bit before placing it back inside the bag. This will prevent it from forming moisture when the temperature changes.
  • Make sure that it is not dropped or kept in very tight places. This will damage the external casing and might affect how it works. Of course, you cannot use it if does not work, so your files will be gone.
  • In the case of external hard drives that use electricity, make sure you do not leave it plugged in while you are not using it. This may cause the device to become too hot and might damage your internal files. 
  • When unplugging cables or power outlets, make sure you do not jerk it because it might loosen up the wires.
  • Do not place it near electromagnetic devices such as refrigerators, televisions, microwave ovens, satellite receivers, halogen lamps, and the like. This might cause magnetic interference and damage the files.
  • Always check your computer for viruses. If your computer gets infected, your external hard drive might get infected, too.
  • Do not share your external hard drive to people you do not trust. First, they might access your important files. Second, it might get subjected to viruses if you use it on another computer.

External hard drives are practically safe to use and very practical especially if you have a lot of files. This is one of the safest ways to back up your files; and you can also bring it anywhere.

Hope this answers your questions! 

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