IE not responding after installing IE9

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I have been using internet explorer 8 for some time now and few days back i got the pop up prompt asking me to upgrade to the latest version i. e internet explorer 9. I thought it would be better to always have the latest version of a software but after installing Internet Explorer 9 my browser crashes while working on it and am having difficult staying online.

Other browsers work fine and the problem is only with internet explorer 9. It worked for a day and then the problem started. As soon as i open Internet Explorer it crashes and pops a error message "not responding – cannot open this page". I am working on windows 7 operating system.

The look and feel of the software are pretty good and i would like to continue working with it only if stops crashing on me.

Any help with this will be appreciated.

Thank you, kj

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IE not responding after installing IE9



I have a similar issue with the IE 9 before after the upgrade process, here are the solutions that I had tried and it resolved my issue:

*Click 'start'.

*Click 'control panel' and then a screen will load up. 

*Look for 'network and internet connections' and click it, then click 'internet options' (for windows XP); Look for 'internet options' after click 'control panel' (for windows vista and 7), a window will open up. 

*Click on the last tab, 'advanced'.

*Click on the 'reset' button and then a pop up message will open stating, "are you sure you want to reset the internet explorer browser". 

*Click 'reset' again and then a small box will load up, wait for all the things there to be checked.

*And then click 'close'. 

*Try opening the internet explorer and check if you can now use it without problems If in case that this solution won't work try this other option, which downgrading the IE to IE 8 again (windows XP).

* Click 'start'.

* Click 'control panel' and then a screen will load up again. 

* Click 'add/remove programs'.

* Look for 'internet explorer 9' on the list. 

*Click 'uninstall' at the top of the screen and wait until its done uninstalling it.

*Restart the computer (windows vista/7).

*Click 'Start'.

*Click 'control panel'.

*Click 'programs'.

*Click 'uninstall a program'. 

*On the left side of the screen that will pop up, click 'view installed updates'.

*Look for the 'internet explorer 9' and then click it.

* It will be highlighted in blue, then click 'uninstall'. 

* Wait for the uninstall process to finish and then restart the computer. After doing this downgrade the internet explorer will go back to the internet explorer 8.

NOTE: Upgrades depends on the compatibility of the software with the computer that your using. If the computer is not compatible, the software won't work or there will be a lot of issues with it.

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IE not responding after installing IE9


Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 9 runs in the Service Pack 2 of Windows Vista. Maybe you are using the older Service Pack that’s why you are experiencing some difficulties in using Internet Explorer 9. Check your Windows Vista on what Service Pack it is running. If it is not on Service Pack 2 upgrade your version of Vista to Service Pack 2.

Here are the system requirements for Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 9:

  • Windows Vista Service Pack 2.
  • Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2.
  • Pentium 233 MHz processor or higher.
  • 512 MB RAM.
  • 70 MB of available hard drive space for Windows Vista running with Service Pack 2.
  • 150 MB of available hard drive space for Windows Server 2008 running with Service Pack 2.
  • SVGA 800 x 600 or higher-resolution monitor with 256 colors.
  • Modem or internet connection, mouse or any compatible pointing device.

You can download Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 9 at: 

You can download the Service Pack 2 upgrade for Windows Vista.

The Service Pack 2 upgrade requires the following operating systems:

  • Windows Server 2008.
  • Windows Vista.

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