Problem accessing a database from a remote site

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I am in a remote site, and I want to access the database located in another site. We call site A by means of ODBC.

I already set up the ODBC with the username, password, path of data, path of schema, path of logon and saved it.

But an error message appeared that says Reserved error (-7778).

Reserved error (-7778); there is no message for this error.

I am wondering what I missed in my setup. I am using MS Access 2000, and I am not familiar with this error code.

My first impression is my data link towards site A. I checked my connection, and I am connected to the network.

I also checked my outgoing, it's also up.

If someone has encountered this error message,

Please help me figure out the solution.


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Problem accessing a database from a remote site



I have read your query and researched on it. I have found the following solutions for you and I will try my best to give all information about your problem.

The error you are facing comes when the FDS (File Data Source) is selected from Access. If you select data source from Access MDS (Machine Data Source) tab then you will not face this kind of error. The data source define user DSN and File DSN from Windows ODBC Admin. If data source is used with Access, then user must be created.

The easy way to use DSN is to create user DSN. Then create a File DSN that does not contain configuration info. The following steps show how to do this:

  • Find where the File DSN are kept.
  • Create new text file with wordpad in that directory and save it with DSN extension.
  • Open and edit this file. The contents of file are as follows:

[ODBC] DSN=The_name_used_in_the_user_DSN

The portion following DSN= points the user DSN that has already created.

I am sure this will solve your problem.

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Problem accessing a database from a remote site



I would suggest you to reinstall your software.

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