Problem accessing a database on A remote machine

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Hi, I have created a remote database from the present sync set. But while opening the.

RDB which is located on networked machines, It seems to be trying to import instead.

I get an error message that I can't understand.

The system is on ACT 2006. The database is working properly, while acting as a new server without any problems.

Please help me.

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Problem accessing a database on A remote machine



The problem is only a missing module.

The Client software must be installed in your machine that is doing the problems. Reinstall or repair it to obtain the functionalities. If the error is from the server then the procedure is not being utilized as required by a programming error in the server. As such the later is given higher priority than ever before. As such the words cannot find the module is said. The later are the solutions steps that are followed for overcoming the error. And the other instructions for the startup. You may contact the forum for the software or Let us know the site name.

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