Problem in accessing a compiled database

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Hi experts,

My concern here is about accessing a compiled database. I cannot open the database. I am on our remote site to install the compiled database from our head office. Before I came here, I tested the database and even modified some record in it. But when I am on the remote site, I cannot open the compiled database. The error said that the database is corrupt.

The Visual Basic for Applications projects in the database is corrupt.

The Visual Basic for Applications projects in the database is corrupt.

I restore my other copy of the database, and same thing happens. I cannot open due to database is corrupt, it is very impossible the two database I brought are all corrupted.

When I go back to our head office, I tested the said corrupted database, to my surprise it opens.

Please help me find ways, why my compiled database wont open on our remote site.

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Problem in accessing a compiled database


Compiled Database: Visual Basic for Application project in the database is corrupt.

First, when we analyze the error message, it says that the Visual Basic for Application that has the error or corrupt. Meaning we have the problem in our Visual Basic for Application. The database is Ok, only the application has the error.

There are two possible reasons why this happened, first it is a Compatibility Issue and secondly is how you compiled the database.

Compatibility Issue:

Have you check the operating system where you compiled the database? Is your operating system where the database was compiled is the same with the operating system where you are running the compiled database?

Compiled database compiled in Microsoft Windows XP based doesn’t run in Microsoft Windows Vista based. The following versions of Microsoft Access Applications are the applications that database compiled in Microsoft Windows XP based operating system are not accessible in Microsoft Windows Vista based operating system:

  • Microsoft Office Access 2000
  • Microsoft Office Access 2002
  • Microsoft Office Access 2003
  • Microsoft Office Access 2007

The reason behind this issue is that Microsoft Windows XP uses as the reference on the compile database the ADOX 2.8 and earlier versions. While on Microsoft Windows Vista the database reference is ADOX 6.0.

Recommended solution for this is to download the HotFix on Microsoft website support. Here’s the link where you can download the Hot Fix

But before downloading or installing the hot fix you must be running at any of the following:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008
  • Microsoft Windows Vista with installed Service Pack 1
  • Microsoft Windows Vista

Database Compiling Procedure:

Synonymous with the compatibility issue but this issue was not based on the operating system installed. It is the interface or the application used for compiling the database. We have the issue of backward compatibility since or until Microsoft Windows 2003 were released.

We encountered error opening documents or database from higher version to the lowest version of Microsoft Office Applications. A database or project compiled in Microsoft Office Access 2003 will lead you to encountered error when run or open under Microsoft Access 2002.

Microsoft Access 2002 with service pack 1 or service pack 2 will not be able to open and modify any elements from the database where is compiled from the latest version or prior to Microsoft Office Access 2002 version. Any database completely compiled from Microsoft Office Access 2003 may open by Microsoft Access 2002 with service pack 1 or service pack 2 but it will open incorrectly.

We have a little workaround for this issue but it is not the fixed for the said issue. We will just avoiding the error message “corrupt”. You may download and install the Service Pac 3 for this on Microsoft Download Support. After updating, try to open a compiled database, it will just say that the “Microsoft Access Database in unrecognized format. The database has been created from the latest version of Microsoft Office Access. Upgrade your Microsoft Access Version into a late version to make your database works now.

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