Problem with accessing applications after installing an Anti-virus

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I had the virus called “XP Anti spyware 2010” on my laptop which runs Windows XP. I solved the problem with the Norton Internet Security 2010, but something strange is happening since then: when I want to open the Internet by directly clicking the icon, there is a window opening which asks me to choose a program in order to access the internet. I select Internet Explorer but without any success, as the program does not work. This happens whenever I want to use the internet.

Then, I realized this problem occurs for other programs on my laptop, too, with the following error message:

“Application Not Found”

I am unable to uninstall programs from Control Panel as it is inaccessible, I cannot open Microsoft Office programs without using My Computer, I cannot run a system recovery or system restore, the same message as below appears. In the end, I cannot use my laptop, so please help with some advice!

I passed the problem to Symantec but after some verifications, they said this is not an issue from their antivirus tool, it is from Windows and it’s sharing – accessibility options.

I would like to ask for an advice. Thank you in advance! 

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Problem with accessing applications after installing an Anti-virus



As you go to the Symantec also and they said virus is not the issue for this problem your window is not working properly then go to the antivirus and check out whether traffic enable and if yes then you need to delete your virus because if the traffic is enable then there must be the error in virus software as traffic enables the software to work properly and the antivirus is not working properly so you need to uninstall it.

if you cannot find the access in the control panel to uninstall then go to drive C and in the program folder find the antivirus folder and then you see in that folder there must the icon of uninstall. Run that icon and uninstall this antivirus


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Problem with accessing applications after installing an Anti-virus


That’s true and Symantec is right. That problem happened as the result of your computer getting infected with the virus. Since that’s what’s happening on your computer after removing the virus with Norton Internet Security, the malware might have modified your system and undoing any modifications made by the malware using your current antivirus is not possible.

In the current state of your computer, the best thing to do is to clean install your operating system. You need to format your system drive or drive C and install Microsoft Windows again. You cannot restore your operating system back to normal until you reinstall Windows XP. Currently, simply scanning your computer for viruses and removing them if something is found is not a good idea.

What you should do now is backup all your data on a different drive and format drive C. But before backing up your data, download Sophos Virus Removal Tool and scan your computer to make sure everything is clean when you back up your data. After installing a fresh copy of Microsoft Windows, install a reliable antivirus or internet security program on your computer.

Try Norton Security Deluxe or any of the ESET Security Products.

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