The probable challenges encountered by Windows App Developers

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What are the challenges one is likely to face as a Windows Application Developer? I am a fun of windows phones and I am a young up and coming software programmer. I love programming and I to be an app developer or programmer for Windows phone users. My name is Sandra and I will be very happy if I get all the necessary information that I need to know before I begin. Thank you.

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The probable challenges encountered by Windows App Developers



Windows Phone is definitely a good platform, no doubt. But the problem is, its development requires high price and also, high skill to develop every single app.

First of all, Microsoft is a robust company, releasing their Windows OS for PC. The whole PC world is under their hand. However, the case of mobile platform is completely out of their control. Their Windows Phone offers a good and amazing platform, the coders aren’t so interested in it.

The first thing is to have the IDE that’ll enable developers code their programs. Unfortunately, Microsoft costs $500 for Visual Studio. On the other hand, C#, Visual Basic and XAML are required to learn for such development.

Android is now the Prime OS for most of the smartphones. Google supplies it completely free, open-source and updates it regularly. Samsung, Motorola, HTC etc. uses this platform for its super flexibility. On the other hand, only Nokia uses Windows OS for their phone.

If you’re too hard minded to develop Windows Phone apps, then you’re free to go. Otherwise, learn Android app development. Its cost is much less than Windows and also, easier and more flexible.

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