Printshop 22 fails to install due to driver incompatibility

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Hi All,

I have been attempting to install the application Printshop 22 on my windows machine and I fail to do so because the Amyuni Document Converter driver installation error. I ensured that my system has .NET 1.1 Framework installed on my windows 7, 32 bit machine as this is known to cause many installation issues. But when I run the installation program, I get the following error message concerning Amyuni Document Converter. As I had no idea on what this particular driver was, I tried updating all the software installed on my machine. I hoped this would update the drivers too and would soon replace a missing driver if any. But even after spending considerable time updating the applications, I still get this error when trying to install Printshop. So now from where can I find a compatible driver for windows 7? Does anyone have a clue about this? I hope someone can come up with the right fix. Thanks in advance for helping me out.



Driver Installation Error

Windows can’t install the amyuni Document Converter 2.10 kernel-mode print driver. To obtain a driver that is compatible with the version of windows you are running, contact the manufacturer.

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Printshop 22 fails to install due to driver incompatibility


Installing Print Shop 22 on Microsoft Windows 7 is possible though officially this version of Microsoft Windows is not supported but still it is possible and also it is much easier to install it on x86 Windows 7 rather than in x64 Windows 7 because there are complications on the latter that doesn’t have a solution.

Officially, Print Shop 22 supports only Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 and higher and Windows XP [Home or Professional] Service Pack 1 and higher. Before installing the program, make sure you install first Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 this version only because installing any other version such as the latest version will not work. Macromedia Shockwave 10.1 and higher is also required as well as Macromedia Flash 7 and higher but you can easily download both programs from Adobe website.

When Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 is already installed, install Print Shop 22 next. When you are prompted by the error below, just click OK. This is the same error you posted. See image.

The Amyuni Document Converter 2.10 mentioned in the error message refers to the Broderbund PDF Converter. This is actually not a problem because it can be fixed by installing the Vista patch from Print Shop 22 Windows Vista Compatibility Patch. Though this is for Windows Vista, it also works perfectly well on Windows 7.

After clicking OK, download and install the patch. In case your DVD drive suddenly disappears after you install Print Shop 22, the only solution is to uninstall Print Shop 22.

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