Printing paper is coming out with yellowish color

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I bought a new HP Color Printer Laser jet CP3505. Look wise and features are very good. Since last week when I print papers in bulk (like 20 at one go) one of the printed papers is coming out with a yellowish color. But, from yesterday, this problem is coming for each and every page. I have replaced the cartridge with a new one, but still same problem. Is this a problem with the cartridge or the printer itself? Do I need to replace the printer or is there any solution. Please someone help me out here. Thanks.

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Printing paper is coming out with yellowish color

You did not elaborate when did you buy the printer for I would surely advise that you avail of the warranty of the device. Once the device is under warranty, you are not allowed to explore its defect; hence, you will be very cautious when you attempt to in order to maintain the warranty services. 
Before you initiated troubleshooting, what were the settings in the printer control panel?  This is important to see if your printer displays any messages to order or replace supplies. But per your feedback, you replaced the cartridge with a new one yet problem persisted. This means that the cartridge is not the problem. 
In your observation, how did the yellowish color appear–in speaks or smearing? 
The process in the printing,  dust particles can accumulate inside the printer will eventually become dusty and gradually collects toner and paper.  This can cause problems during the build up like specks or smearing; however, the printer has a built-in function in cleaning that correct these problems.
Have you tried that one? If not, set up the control panel now by doing the following.
1. In the menu, click CONFIGURE DEVICE, and checkmark.
2. Click PRINT QUALITY, and checkmark.
3. I presume that your printer has automatic duplexer, hence, click PROCESS CLEANING PAGE, and checkmark.
The steps above must activate the cleaning mode of the printer.
Now, do the procedure listed hereunder to print as instructed. These pages consist of one procedure page and five color test pages provided by your supplier.
1. Print a copy of the screen and walk over to the printer you are troubleshooting.
2. Use short bond paper or A4 size in Tray 2.
3. Click the Menu to enter the control panel menu;
6. Continue the troubleshooting procedure.
"PRINTING… PQ TROUBLESHOOTING" is displayed on the control panel.  After the printing,  the printer is in the Ready state.
Case 1: 
In the yellow test page that shows  the problem, one possible corresponding result would look the picture below(courtesy of HP): 
I have to imagine the quality of printing you have since you did not show a picture.  This sample printing in the picture shows that the "yellow" cartridge is damaged; hence, need replacement. When you reported that you replaced the cartridge, you did not mention which color you replaced. I would like to assume that it was the yellow one; however, after which, every page was now having the yellow color.  So, either you missed the replacement of the cartridge or the cartridge that you replaced must be happening to be defective  coincidentally. You don't need to replace the other cartridge that is not yellow since the problem falls only on yellow color. Now, if all your response to my assessment were affirmative, then it's time to bring that unit to the HP repair center.
Case 2:
Supposed that your problem does not fall on Case 1. Try the following test using the following procedure:
1. Test pages that have solid color.
      a. Set up your computer by configuring the Page Setup using Internet Explorer.
          1. Press File, then Page Setup in the browser.
          2. Click Printer. See the Figure below: 
          3. Printer Name should be HP Color Laserjet 3505, then OK.
          4. Set size of paper either Letter or A4, and Margins = either 0.4-inch or 10 mm,
              Orientation = Portrait, and Source = Tray 2 (see picture below courtesy of HP)

          5. OK
2. Check the result of printing of page  in a yellow solid color as a test (see picture below courtesy of HP).

3. For the yellow solid page test that shows the horizontal faded band at the top of the page as shown below
     a. Reduce the yellow density. 
     b. After reducing the density, print on your computer another set of yellow color.
     c. Observe the yellow color that was printed. 
     If (1) did not eliminate the issue, print around 100 copies (That's instruction from HP manufacturer!).
     d. Print on your computer the yellow solid color test page.
     e. Observe the result displayed. If the problem persist, coordinate with HP service center.
You can visit HP site regarding this guidance.

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