Printer picking up all the paper

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My HP printer picks up all the papers from the manual tray rather than one sheet , i will love if i can find a solution to this problem,I have try solving the problem myself but still the same.

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Printer picking up all the paper


Good Day Mr. Akindele

       First of all, I would like you to know that we have the same printer, the HP ink jet printer, and regarding with your question about the paper tray or how does your printer receives the paper, well, your problem is obviously in your printer.

Since the printer can receive the paper it means that the connection of the printer to your pc or laptop is good. Actually, your problem is same with the problem of my sister here in our house, and this step is the only step that we execute to fix up the problem.

And this is the simple solution, check for the amount of paper that you put in your printer's paper tray. Sometimes, if you put many papers, that is exactly fit to the printers mouth, the printer will just get one paper because it is impossible for the printer to get a vast amount of paper or you will do it inversely, instead of putting many papers, try to put a minimal amount of papers (if ever the first solution did not work).

In that case, the printer will smoothly get the papers one by one.

Hopefully, this solution can help you a lot. Thank you for sharing your problem in this site and expect to receive many solutions. 

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