Printer Cable Keeps Computer From Starting?

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My Dell machine would not turn on. I thought it was completely dead. While checking cables I reset my printer cable. After resetting the printer cables my machine started right up. This has happened three times after re plugging in printer cable. How can printer cables keep the machine from starting?

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Printer Cable Keeps Computer From Starting?


That doesn’t happen normally when a printer is plugged in to the computer whether the printer itself is turned on or off. Try checking the printer driver or the printer software first. First, disconnect the printer from your computer, uninstall the printer software from your computer then restart the system.

After booting, connect the printer cable to the computer then restart the machine. Since there is no printer or driver installed, your system should boot even if an actual printer is connected to your machine. Install the printer software again then restart the machine. Check if your computer doesn’t turn on after installing the printer software.

If this happens, disconnect the printer cable then start the computer again. After booting, update the printer driver from the manufacturer’s website and then install the update. Once the driver is updated, restart your computer first without connecting the printer cable to verify that the computer can freely start with the new update.

Once this is successful, connect the printer cable again then restart the computer. See if the same problem happens again. In case nothing worked and your computer always doesn’t start if the printer cable is connected, there is probably something wrong with your operating system. At this point, try reinstalling Microsoft Windows.

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