Previous launch of Kaspersky Anti-Virus failed

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I need help with my Kaspersky. Every time I turn on my computer, something like this appears on my desktop “Previous launch of Kaspersky Anti-Virus failed”, though I don’t recall anything like this happening in the past. I tried to contact Kaspersky’s support service, but so far I have not received any response from them.

Not only that my computer seems to be not functioning properly, It won’t run any applications and I cannot even access the task manager. I have tried following some of the solutions that I read on the internet but still its still there. I really want this fixed as soon as possible so please help me with this.

Previous launch of Kaspersky Anti-Virus failed.

Information about the application state at the moment of failure has been logged.

Description is stored inn C:documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication Data

You are advised to contact Kaspersky Lab Technical Support Service.

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Previous launch of Kaspersky Anti-Virus failed


You are using an old version of Kaspersky Antivirus. Outdated Antivirus is the main issue here. Installation of updated Antivirus is the way to fix this. This type of error had been already fixed.

Uninstall your Kaspersky Antivirus and download the newest version of Kaspersky Antivirus.

You may have a trouble installing your new Kaspersky because your computer might have too many viruses due to your very old Kaspersky Antivirus. I recommend you to just reformat your computer then install the new Kaspersky Antivirus. Don't forget to backup your important files to your partition or other storage device that will not be used for operating system installation.

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Previous launch of Kaspersky Anti-Virus failed


I suspect that your computer has been infected with a virus. One of the signs that a computer is infected is that you cannot launch any of the installed software. Another trick that a virus do when infecting a system is to disable the Windows Task Manager so the user will not be able to see the programs running in the background. This way, terminating the suspected program will be impossible.

Since this is the present state of your computer, installing another antivirus software may not be a good idea but its worth to try. But it doesn’t guarantee that it will fix the problem since the system is already infected. Most of the time, at this stage of infection where the Task Manager gets disabled, the virus already made some irreversible changes in the system.

This means that even if you managed to clean it and remove the virus the system may not work as it was before. So the best way to fix this is to format the hard drive and install Windows again. This will surely add extra work since you need to install again all the software you are using.

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