Preparing For An Interview On Dojo With Sample Question And Answers

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Hi Everyone! I am preparing for interviews for a software company that uses Dojo Toolkit. I am left with the technical round that is concerned with this toolkit. Can anyone provide me with sample Dojo interview question and answers for the same?

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Preparing For An Interview On Dojo With Sample Question And Answers


Hi there,

Technical interviews only test your knowledge about the technical aspects which are useful to them. As you said the company uses Dojo toolkit, sample interview questions are mentioned below.

1: Tell me what you know about Dojo Toolkit?

A: Dojo is a JavaScript toolkit that is aided by HTML, thus easing its learning process and can be used for developing Web applications. All of IBM’s Jazz products are developed using it.

2: Anything about its history?

A: Back in 2004, Alex Russell and Dylan Schiemann initiated its development who also wrote the first lines of code in September 2004.

3: Can you brief me on the advantages of Dojo?

A: Dojo toolkit has arrays which are associated. Apart from having variables which are loosely typed, it uses regular expressions, objects, and class powered by highly evolved string and math libraries with support for W3C DOM.

All the best! Hope that helps!

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