PP edition for the security setting

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For the security setting user level, what will be the inputs to customize the access of the report? I did experience on the inconsistent of the PP edition? Is there any possible solution that could fix the installation? 


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PP edition for the security setting


When customizing the access report, it has to be on the security level acceptable and won't filter all data reports. You may encounter inconsistency of PP edition because of the software itself is not firm.

The best fix for this issue is to re-start from scratch, do the installation and follow what's exactly needs to be done.

Where did you install and how? Is it by the use of CD-installation kit or you do it online?

The best way to fix the installation is to follow the manual guide provided the maker of PP Edition. Each manual has a step by step process which sometimes is a bit complicated, but it's doable to get a better results. 

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