Will Powerpoint Presentation work on iPad or any tablet PC

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I have 2 projectors currently at the office and wondering if I could apply my idea to work with them. Currently when I want to make a presentation, I have to connect the desktop or laptop to the projector and run the slides using PowerPoint. Well I guess that's normally what  all the users do when they want to give presentations.

I was looking at some iPad and wondering if it can be used to replace desktop or laptop to give presentations. I'm using Microsoft Office 2007 and wondering if the PowerPoint files would work on iPAD. When the pptx files are open in the Office 2003 environment, some of the backgrounds and animations are missing. I don't want that to happen in ipad for presentations. 

It would be wonderful if it can work in some iPAD or Tablet PC. I mean it would be less hassle and people can move around while holding the tablet or iPAD in their hands while giving presentations.

Are there any necessary software to be installed in iPAD to make it work ?
Are there any specific tablet PC that you recommend on using when it involved PowerPoint 2007 ?
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Will Powerpoint Presentation work on iPad or any tablet PC


Playing PowerPoint Presentation in iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

I have different ways of playing PowerPoint presentation in iPAD or even in iPHONE and iPOD Touch. These solutions are not permanent they where just a work-around.

If playing PowerPoint presentation created from PowerPoint 2007 to PowerPoint 2003 is really a problem when it comes to animations and backgrounds, we have also the solutions to that. You can make this PowerPoint presentation to “Package for CD”. PowerPoint will make a package presentation to be exported on CDs. You can make it in your Flash Drive by saving the package into a folder. Another solution is to convert your PowerPoint presentation into a lower version of PowerPoint application.

Let’s talk about mobile devices like iPAD, iPHONE and iPAD Touch where these devices are able to connect to the projector using the VGA output for iPAD (There are cables available in the market today for iPHONE and iPOD Touch to have VGA/DVI output, but this time we will concentrate on iPAD). Here are some of the ways available to use your iPOD for presentations.

  1. Convert your PowerPoint presentation into a Video File supported in iPAD. iPADs are capable of playing in video format. You may find a lot of free PowerPoint converter to Video over the internet. Wondershare PPT2Video is one of the best PowerPoint to Video Converter found in the internet. Conversion includes timings and animations presented in your PowerPoint presentation. It is more likely PowerPoint presentation when played using your iPAD’s video player. Disadvantages of these work-arounds is that your presentation plays continuously, no room for answering questions during presentation. But, module by module while presenting into the audience you can pause the video presentation so that the next module will not be shown immediately during presentation. One more advantage is it will take a large space in your memory since the file is now a video file.
  2. Save you Slides into Image Files. Microsoft PowerPoint is able to save slides as JPG. Convert all slides into image and name it according to their sequence so that image files can be viewed accordingly in your iPAD’s image browser. You have the Photo Viewer in your iPAD which photos and images can be viewed with slide presentation. Advantage of this is you can automatically play your presentation or manually. Disadvantages are, you won’t see any screen tricks like animations, sounds and transition you have set in your PowerPoint presentation.
  3. Convert your PowerPoint presentation into PDF file. There many applications available for iPAD that is able to view PDF file. PowerPoint presentation to PDF converter are also available on the Internet such as AnyBizSoft PPT to PDF converter. The same with the Image Slide show, but this time there are no slide shows anymore. The document will be opened as a document and viewed it as pages in your screen.
  4. Upload your presentation to YouTube. This is not a very practical option as you need to have an internet connection but this is one of the options available for presentations.
  5. Upload your PowerPoint presentation to mightymeeting.com. You can play and share your presentations in this website. You can also project the output through the iPads VGA output. Also requires Internet Connection. You need to pay more or less $4 per month to Go Pro.
  6. Use Presentation Share Sites to view your Powerpoint presentation in your iPAD. You need the Adobe Multimedia Flash support for this option." docstoc.com" and "authorstream.com" are one of the sites that has the support for iPAD.
  7. Design and Play PowerPoint presentation in Keynote. This is a tool for iPAD where you can create a presentation within your iPAD.
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Will Powerpoint Presentation work on iPad or any tablet PC

Dear Ruth,
There are some solutions for your problem.
For using IPAD, there is no straightforward solution, but it´s feasible – possible without much work.
You may either use the VIDEO solution or the IMAGE solution.

If you didn´t use animations in the Slideshow, you could simply print the slides to an image format (e.g., .jpeg) or to PDF, import it to your IPAD (or tablet PC) and project one image at a time, sliding through them with the method which suits you better. This is used a lot by people that doesn´t know what computer is gonna be used for the presentations. 

You can also convert the PowerPoint to a VIDEO format which IPAD can read or upload the VIDEO to a website where the video can be played. In the first case, you´ll run the presentation from inside your harddisk; in the second case you can use internet streaming to download and project the video which is stored online. Anyway, you´ll just have to combine and know the flow structure of the video in order to control it while making the presentation; and pay special attention to video definition.

Considering other smartphones, NOKIA E7 will do, as announced, exactly what you desire; its able to project your 2007 Office presentation flawlessly through the hdmi port.
Regarding tablet PC options, you can simply opt by those which use Windows 7 as their operative system.
Good luck,

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