Power supply fan is not functioning

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Hey there,

I am having a problem with my power supply fan. It is actually not working. I do not want to have it replaced as I have computer parts savvy as of this moment. I have tried cleaning it with vacuum and is still having the same issues. What else can I do to save it?


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Power supply fan is not functioning


Hi Murdock,

The problem of such fan sometimes it should be go the vendor but sometimes you can also check something’s to work up with , I will tell you some things , you should try them,

1. Open the power supply and clear the fan properly that no dust remains in it.

2. Try it to connect with direct 220/v without inserting it in pc and check it is it working or not , If it works there it means that your power supply is absolutely fine but if it does also not work in the AC power it means that you should take it to some authorized person, there are no any other chances of recovering it then .

3. If you see that your power supply is working and fan is moving in the AV VOLT directly then you should check the wiring of power supply with your PC as then it would be the issue of wiring due to which the fan is not running.

Hope so with these suggestions you will come across to finish up your problem.

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Power supply fan is not functioning

Listen to this carefully if your computer lights up the power supply it is ok. If you still have the computer’s manual, look for the pattern of beeps and the error that corresponds to it. Try with only the monitor, Keyboard, and mouse connected. Also remove any recent hardware changes, like a PCI card. Sometimes if hardware connected is not comparable with the motherboard it will not boot. If this does not work it’s the graphics card or the hard disk.
What is the pattern of beeps? What is the model number of the computer? If it is a new PSU then either it is a DOA or you have done some wrong connection or left out some important connection. System not powering up can be caused due to many issues.
Like mentioned above, we need more information to form a reasonable conclusion indicate a problem with the pc’s power supply.  At any rate, if you are happy with buying a new PC, this would be a good excuse. However, if you would prefer to keep your current one, the best thing to do is buy a new power supply. It doesn't have to be an Antec one, it can be any brand, as long as it fits in the space where the non working one is.
I advise that you I would not use the computer until you get it sorted, as if the power supply fails, it has the ability to destroy all the hardware in your PC. I hope you get some tips to resolve the issue.
Thank you.

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