PostgreSql services startup error issue

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I have a installation problem that says:  

This  error showed up when I’m on the process of  installing postgres 8.3.1. With postgres automatically creating its own user account, the installer show me the error that I have mentioned. I checked on the Task Manager and there are 4 postgres.exe processes that can be seen. This installer makes accounts that can log on locally as a service. This is supposedly not a problem.

I already  manually ensured that the account has the privilege in "Local Security Settings", and the account I run PGinstaller belongs to the administrative account. I already deleted all the older ones in the Local Users and Groups dialog.

My dilemma is, what should I do to prevent this error?

Please help me on this installation problem.

Service 'PostgreSQL Database Server 8.3'(pgsql-8.3),  failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services.


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PostgreSql services startup error issue


You follow these steps:

1. In the folder where you extracted the .zip file, double-click dbsetup12vp.exe or dbsetup13vp.exe. The Database Setup window appears.

2. In the System Name field, enter the TDPID of the database to use to setup the tables:
Teradata Viewpoint Configuration Guide, Release 13.11 16

3. In the Super User and Super User Password fields, enter the name and password of a user who has permissions to create tables and grant access to existing DBC tables. DBC is the recommended user.

4. In the Perm Space field, enter appropriate values. The default values of 50 MB and 100 MB are likely sufficient.

5. [Optional] If you are migrating from a prior version of TASM (6.2 to 12.0 or 13.0, or 12.0 to 13.0), select the Migrate TDWM Database check box.

6. Click OK and let the application run to completion. Depending on the load on the database, the setup application typically takes between 2 and 10 minutes. On a heavily loaded system, the setup can take longer.
Note: If the setup application has already been run, a confirmation message appears.
Rerunning the setup program does not cause any data to be lost.

7. If an error message appears, review the output and inspect any reported errors. Typical errors are results of trying to delete items that do not exist, in preparation for the setup. You can find any errors by searching for failed.

8. Close the application.

9. Delete the application and .zip file from your system.

10. [Optional] Remove any packages you installed in step 1.

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