Portable hard drive not readable on Windows XP

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I am using a portable hard drive (Seagate 1 TB). It works normally and shows flashing lights during its operation. But I am facing a problem that whenever I connect it to a computer running on Windows XP (SP2 and try new SP3), it is not readable.

My computer also showed as a local disk (G:) and auto run exists. But when I click on the hard drive a message appears that “it is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable”.

It shows no problem when I connect it to computer with OS Windows 7.

Please help me to recover my data on the hard drive.

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Portable hard drive not readable on Windows XP


Good Day Frederick,

  1. Portable drives or any storage devices are plug and play device so whether you are using Win XP, Windows 7, MAC OS, and Linux, it must be recognized by your computer or laptop. Since you are using Win XP, your 1 TB hard disk should be compatible with your current operating system.
  2. Kindly see the following procedures below:
  3. Click start menu > right click My Computer > select manage > select Disk management > select your portable drive
  4. You must check what is the status of your hard drive. If unformatted volume, please format it through Disk Management or My Computer. And you can also perform hard drive scan to fix bad sectors.


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Portable hard drive not readable on Windows XP

  1. Connect the hard drive and turn off your computer and then remove your hard drive from the computer.
  2. Purchase an external hard drive adapter appropriate to the drive you work with and you can get these adapters that support all hard drives types.
  3. I think it's a good idea to format your driver.

So here you can see if your hard drive connected or not .

You can use the tool called test disk so you can rewrite the partitions Follow the indicated pictures :

So now we can choose log file and it accelerate the process.

Now Choose your hard drive that you want to recover.

Choose the option shown if you are running Windows.

So now by choosing analyze you can make scan of your drive.

Now you can find the total of the three partitions.

Green means Success and if you fail you can find another method and try it.

Screen and hit Advanced:

So now choose boot option inside test disk and follow the next image for each partition.

Hope this Solution helps you.

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