Port numbers needed to be opened features on the PS3

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What are the port numbers needed to be opened on the router in order for me to use the Microphone and other features on the PS3? Also, do I need to set the NAT type to open for me to use its full feature?

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Port numbers needed to be opened features on the PS3


Recommended PS3 ports are:

TCP: 80, 443, 5223 and UDP: 3478, 3479, 4658. UDP: 3658 should also be opened for voice chat.
Remember though, Type 1 is only for people on modems, so Type 2 NAT is what you're aiming for.
TCP Ports: 10070 – 10080,
UDP Ports: 50000
UDP Ports: 6000-7000, 10070 (for headset operation).
Sony have registered 3 ports with the IANA:
3658 Playstation AMS
4658 PS2 App
4659 PS2 Lobby
You'll get NAT type 2 by forwarding 3658/UDP only. It's marked as secure in the IANA registration. Just testing with everything closed , and a headset enabled (took a while before anyone talked but I at least confirmed the headset was working).
An example showing online gaming ports:

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