Popular Scripts for Performing Tasks on a Website?

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Where can I get access to a collection of scripts for use on a website? I need scripts which can do common programming tasks on a webpage. Which scripts are commonly used in web programming? Which programming language is suitable for writing this kind of script and what are the limitation of using this scripts?

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Popular Scripts for Performing Tasks on a Website?



How are you? Java Script is a Popular Scripts for performing tasks on a website. It performs various tasks :

1: Date display.

2 : Calendar.

3 : Close Window.

4 : Copy Selected text.

5 : Back to Previous page.

6 : Focus on Load.

7 : Break out of Frames.

8 : Add to Favorites.

9 : IP Address.

10 : Specify Referring Page.

Using all these Java Script Snippets you can solve or perform your tasks.That is exactly it.

Moreen Jamnelly.

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