A pop up should be seen after enabling the macro

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Hi Experts,

I am having a minor issue with my Microsoft Excel together with its macro. I got no problems with the result that the macro is giving me, but what I am bothered it, whenever I enable the macro and the link as well, it does not give me a pop up. But, when my officemate’s computer is used in enabling the macro and the link, there is a pop up after that.

Well, if you are to ask me, why the pop up is important, it is because it will show me if the link that it opens is correct and not just an Excel file with a duplicate file name in the shared drive.

So, I want to have the pop up show after enabling the macro and the link. Please help me. Further information, I am using a Vista machine and Excel 2007.

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A pop up should be seen after enabling the macro


Dear here is your solution:

I suggest you to do the following steps.

  • First you need to complete your data into the cells and then by selecting the boxes clear data out of the boxes. 

    The key action needs to be performed for doing this action is called as macro. The macro starts with a combination of keystrokes combination command but another way of doing this is to add an macro button on the toolbar to make it convenient. 

  • For adding this button you should launch Excel and go to the view menu then select toolbars and scroll downs to the Command tab.
  • Second step in this will be to go in the categories option and select forms tab the choice is yours as where to place the button as suitable for you.
  • Now you can use check box or open button option for recording into your macro it will just serve like an recording device for you.

Now you can be able to create an Excel sheet in which the macro will be enabled and then you can use colored boxes for the data but make a button color significant and prominent from others that will be used for recording of the macro.

When you move your cursor backwards it will be changed to a cross hair decide the location where you want to place the button and then simply click and drag the button to adjust the size of your desired button the assign macro window will pop up on the window then you can name it as your liking and then use pull down menu option.

Now you can record the macro and also you will have the option to link this macro with all of your worksheets or just the current one.

Try this. If still the problem continues than tell me about this so that I'll be able to actually identify your specific problem.

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