PoP and IMAP question and difference?

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I have recently gotten a Mac and i am trying to figure out how to set up my Mac Mail App. It wants to know if I should do PoP or IMAP. What does that mean? I am using yahoo as the mail server as now. If you could tell me what the difference is between PoP and IMAP, which one i should choose for yahoo (if it makes a difference) and when i should use the other one that would be great!


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PoP and IMAP question and difference?

     It stores your email on the mail server. For that you can access from any of the locations and clients. 
Here are following features of IMAP.
1. Email checking on IMAP is faster in compare to pop.
2. It allows to read emails in multiple locations.
3. It gives facility of reading previous messages when you will be offline.
4. It stores email on mail server.
1. Checking emails on POP is slower than IMAP.
2. It doesn't allow to view previous emails on other locations.
3. It allows to see emails and attachments when you are offline.
4. It can removes your email to the server and can place into your computer.
After comparing both IMAP and POP you should use IMAP for yahoo.

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