Poor quality in Printing when I used ink refill

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My printer is HP Deskjet 3740 series.  

I have two ink cartridges, the black cartridge and the primary colors cartridge. When the ink is used up, I just refill the ink cartridges with the refill inks (using syringes) which can be brought from computer stores. I followed the steps in how to refill.  At first, the printing quality is really good. 

But during the second refill,  the printing quality isn't good anymore. The colors are mixed up, like when the color is supposedly yellow, it becomes red in printing. Now, I just brought new ink cartridges to replace the empty ones, which is really expensive compared to buying ink refills. I would really just like to refill my printer to save money. 

I hope I can find answer here why my printer doesn't exactly shows the supposedly color result with the ink refills. 

Thank you!

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Poor quality in Printing when I used ink refill


I understand the need for us to save but we also know that Quality comes with a price. I have experienced that as well but i didn't have any problem with the colors. It prints the right color but the quality is really different from that of the original. The very first thing that you need to check is the brand or the quality of the ink refill you are choosing. It might just be a refill but make sure at least its high in quality, don't choose the very cheap ones it will really give you problems.

If using an original did not give you any issues with the color like being mixed up then its really not your printer but the ink you are using. There are a lot of brands for the refill, you can try others until you'll find the one that will work for you printer. If none satisfies you then you don't have  a choice but to use the original one, or it might damaged your cartridge in the long run.

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Poor quality in Printing when I used ink refill


Navigate to File / Print / then locate to where you will find the name of the printer/ Select  the Printer that is in use then make it the default. The tab that follows should indicate "Presets:” This is where you can choose the printing options.

It reads "Copies- and- Pages" by default. You can edit it to fit your preference. Once you are done customizing it to how you like it to be, store your settings .Do this from the second field. you can also right click the default printer then select nosel check.

If you followed the instruction well it should be able to work.

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Poor quality in Printing when I used ink refill


Hello Internetsavvy,

As we know genuine ink cartridge are expensive and can give you good results in printing with no hassle. Being one of the users of this HP DeskJet 3740 series I will share you how to maintain your cartridge if your using alternative ink which you expect to have lesser costing and have good results also.

1. Empty first your cartridge by trying to remove all ink inside of it carefully specially the color cartridge. Use a suction 

Syringe in removing all ink inside the cartridge.             

2. After removing all ink inside the cartridge wipe the cartridge contact and print head.

3. Fill the color cartridge with same amount of ink in minimum cartridge level.

4. Remove 2ml ink of the color cartridge by using the suction syringe. Our purpose here is to determine the equal

 Flow of ink.

5. After removing 2ml ink of the color cartridge clean the cartridge contact and print head with tissue until 3 colors

Appear the cyan, magenta and yellow. Just dip the color cartridge in a tissue several times diagonally left and 

Right. Don’t forget to tape the hole of the cartridge. Try to have a test copy after cleaning the cartridge. 

Now that your color cartridge is refilled you may have to check and clean the cartridge print head every time you print so that color will not mix.

Don’t dry out the cartridge just have it fill with ink so that it will not clog the micro holes at the outlet of the printer head and prevent damage of cartridge.

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