Pointers to info: Handheld v/s time sharing OS

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What are the features that the Operating System of a Hand-held computer and Time-sharing system should have among the following: Batch programming, Virtual Memory and Time Sharing?

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Pointers to info: Handheld v/s time sharing OS


Hello Jesse_Houston,

Apart from batch programming, virtual memory and time sharing there are other factors that you have to put into consideration when choosing a hand held computer operating system. You should be cautious about longevity of the battery life as it will impact by the operating system. You will note that those hand held devices that use non-color palms version of OS which last more with the battery compared to the colored ones. It will also depend on what you are using the device for. Some tasks may require you to use the colored devices and therefore you will have to budget a little more for them.

You will also have to consider which kind of applications the operating system can support. If the operating system of the device just gives you a few number of programs to choose from, then you will not benefit from it if your job requires that you use other software that the device cannot support.


Clair Charles


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