Plug Play Manager Error- Windows XP

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Hi I used TSST corp CDDVDW SH-S222A Flash Drive for my little files.

I got this error every time when I put my flash drive to my computer. Is it failure from my drive?

Or some virus issue?

Could you please give me some idea about this error?

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Plug Play Manager Error- Windows XP



You did not state whether you were plugging the flash disc directly into the computer or through other ways because you are supposed to plug it in directly. To troubleshoot your flash unplug it from your computer then wait for about thirty seconds. Launch the windows run command by pressing window+R keys, in the window that appears type devmgmt.msc the enter by pressing the enter key. Double click the universal serial bus controller then right click USB mass storage device then select update drive's software. Now click on search device software updates and relax let windows search and install it on it's own. Restart your computer after the installation.

Check your device on the storage devices remember it is removable. After the process now place a check that will automatically fix system errors by right clicking on the flash drive> properties>tool's tab>checknow . Allow the computer to scan and fix errors automatically. Click start>select computer after locating the storage drive that is removable>right click>format>dropdown menu select FAT32 File allow the computer to format the drive after the process of removing the quick format. Good luck!

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