Please tell me about PowerBank

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What is power bank and why do we need portable power source? What are the services offered by Power Bank CO to B2B clients? What is the formula for rough calculation of the total charge time? What is the different between branded power bank and generic power bank? Is it true branded power bank will not explode and generic power bank will explode? 

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Please tell me about PowerBank


1. Power bank:

• The electronic devices, such as mobile phones, tablets are using day-to-day basis, are powerful devices which consumes a lots of energy and drain battery of the devices. Potable power bank consists of special battery, which allows storing energy in it and later we can use this energy to charge the devices.

• Power bank serves as an extra battery or charger for the electronic devices.

2. Rough formula to calculate the total charge time:

• Total charge time= REAL CAPACITY * conversion rate * phone battery health / phone capacity.

3. Difference between branded power bank and generic power bank:

• Branded power bank gives real capacity values. The real output power of the generic power bank does not match the stated capacity after charging the device. We can never see a branded power bank with capacity more than 30000mAh-50000mAh. A branded power bank with capacity 12000-13000mAh is able to charge more or about the same like generic power bank with a capacity of 30000-50000mAh.

4. Will the power bank explode?

• If we are doing anything with battery whether it is branded or generic, there is a chance to explode. But normally chance to explode a battery is 0%. In war, most of them using power bank instead of bomb.

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